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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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outage. keeping the port open, they are looking ahead to future type protests. and the megamillions jackpot stretches over $100 million. and more on kim jong il's death, what president barack obama is doing to stabilize the region, all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news. . well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, i am dave clark. >> this is a very bone dry december and there are some areas that will be in the mild to warm category, a little breezy at times, upper 50s to lower mid-60s, here is sal. all right, we are looking
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at the traffic on the richmond bridge, traffic looks good and the fog is not an issue and also traffic looks good unsaint matthew thieu -- san mateo bridge heading over to the peninsular. and at candle stick park, it is under investigation this morning. allie rasmus is out there at the stadium, boy it was an interesting night for football fans, wasn't it, allie? >> reporter: the power went out twice during the nationally televised match between the 49ers and the steelers. the first one went out 20 minutes before kickoff and this is video of what it looked like in the stands. it came while tara moriarty was in the stadium watching the game at the time. the backup generators kicked in and you can see there were a few lights so it was not
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totally pitch dark. the game got going and a few minutes into the second quarter, the stadium went dark again and caused another delay. fans for the most part remained in their seats and remained calm and some described moments before the power went out. >> it looked like fireworks, we thought it was fireworks. there was an explosion and then the lights went out and we were like, what is that? >> reporter: now late last night, 49er officials say it went out because of a blown transformer. i spoke to a company spokesperson who said they will not have answers to later today. they called on stadium officials and the public utilities commission to work together and determine what may have caused this power last
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night. live in candle stick park allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. police are searching for the gunman who robbed a convenience store and shot the clerk. it happened on sonoma boulevard. two men wearing masks made everybody get on the ground, they robbed the store shot the clerk in the leg and ran off. the are not life-threatening. a million dollar lottery jackpot is up for grabs. players have been showing up hoping for an early christmas present and it would sure be a good one. we love to come here when this is a megamillions jackpot or just a regular old jackpot on the line and this is the place where people go to play and it is one place where locals love to come when they know there is a megamillions
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jackpot. they made a homemade sign, there he is packing donuts like he does. see that sign, megamillions jackpot with $152 million. if you wanted a cash payment it would be $113.6 million. people show up typically but not until 6:00. you are not allowed to buy a ticket until 6:00 and you can buy them up until 7:45. i am laughing because we are pushing people out of the way trying to buy coffee and donuts. so you have 13 hours to buy one of these tickets here. again, great christmas present. i am warning people not to play and i am increasing chances. we will follow this story and we'll see you in about a half
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hour. reporting live kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. nationwide continues in north korea and that's where kim jong il is lying in a glass coffin. take a look at these pictures. you can see government and military officials paying their respects including kim jong il's son, kim jong un right there. 11 days of official mourning will be followed by a state funeral on december 28th. and president barack obama continues to reassure allies of the u.s. commitment to stability in the region. last night president barack obama spoke with the japanese prime minister and both leaders agreed the u.s. and japan will carefully monitor the events and stay in close contact. they have hit a political roadblock and they will not
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approve the two month payroll tax cut because they want a full year extension. find out what this could mean for your paycheck just 11 days from now. and mayor jean quan is getting a powerful show of support. they say they will fight any efforts to recall the mayor. the council represents more than 100 unions. they say it is a waste of energy and she says it's unfair because she has been in office for less than year. >> right now there are two separate efforts to recall her, but only one petition could lead to a citywide vote. having them certified would get its measure on the november
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ballot. they will try to prevent anymore shut downs of the port. this comes after a week of occupied protesters shutting down the port. they had a few confrontations with police and some say they will have to change because the economic consequences outweigh the risk of conflict. a lot of money was lost during last week's protest. and yesterday things are a little lighter. >> i am ready. >> you are ready? >> yes. >> you are not on holiday yet. >> if i must embarrass you, i am talking to heidi. >> well we are in the newsroom, we are doing news. let's did out and take a look at the commute. she was telling me about something that i will tell you about in just a moment as i bring it up on my screen.
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you can see traffic is moving along relatively well as you drive out to the mcarthur maze and there are no major problems. also at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic looks good if you are driving with the commute to san francisco and traffic is moving along relatively well. and traffic is moving well in other areas as well. i wanted to tell you about something near the palace near the parkway just above the cal palace on that road, the east bay parkway is shut down and it looks like 100 feet of guardrail was also damaged. if you take that shortcut between daily city and you want to come out to brisbane, you may want to stibble on 280 and
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we will now go to steve. for those of you who can stick around for ten minutes putting together a graphic on how dry this december has been in san francisco and we are looking at how it does not go well in comparison for the rest of the year and i will have that. today sunny, breezy at times, windy up in the east bay hills, there is no rain expected. this is a really grim month. good travel weather looking at the good side, mostly sunny in fact wind, some fog it will be windy with upper 60s. santa rosa 29 degrees. yesterday santa rosa at noon shot up to 65 degrees and there is still an easterly breeze for some. it is much stronger in the higher elevations but at fso
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livermore east and fairfield east napa was reporting an east wind. low pressure is southern california and some patchy fog may be out in the valley. mild afternoon and temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-$60. that 65 in santa rosa depends on if that east wind continues. winds pick up again on thursday and it looks really warm on saturday, slightly cooler on sunday. all right, steve 5:10:91 one tapes from a southern california shooting -- it is unknown if it is a female -- >> you will hear what the
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operators heard. good morning san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the downtown area, we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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. welcome back the time is 5:13. the 12-inch main broke last
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month releasing millions of gallons of water. nine homes were damaged by the water. the city's utility commission is investigating. they are willing to strike a compromise with the customers. for the first time they can keep their traditional analog meters over smart meters. it could go to the state utilities commission and some claim smart meters are bad for their health. they don't want to fight their customers over an issue such as this. congress is locked in yet another showdown such as tax breaks. they are expected to reject the bill which would have extended both. here from washington d.c. carol is here to tell us how this could affect you. carol? >> reporter: dave, bottom line, soon your taxes will go up in
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just 11 days. this morning republicans and the u.s. house are getting ready to extend the payroll tax holiday for two months. it also pays for unemployment benefits that are about to run out. it will buy lawmakers some time for a yearlong extension but they are holding out for the big deal now. >> our members do not want to just punch and do a two month short-term fix where we have to come back and do this again. we are here and willing to work. >> reporter: fans fans is -- nancy pelosi is up in arms and i am hearing we may see some parliament tactics with house members ignoring the bill all together and going back to the table. they will keep up with signs of
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a last minute deal although right now that is not looking likely. president barack obama and vice-president joseph biden will mark the end of the u.s. military involvement with the ceremony in maryland. now at today's event, the president and vice-president joseph biden will welcome home american troops from iraq. the withdrawal comes almost nine years after the iraq war first began. your time is 5:16 new 911 tapes have been released from the office shooting in california. >> what is going on. >> shots from fired. >> do you know who is doing it? >> no, ma'am, i am in the office right now. >> reporter: he showed up to work with a semiautomatic handgun. he killed several people before turning the gun on himself.
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they could hear screaming and lot of popping noises. police are still searching for a motive. police in santa clara are getting ready to report documents recently released from jail. of the 63 a few had criminal cop visions. the offenses range all the way to spouse sal abuse. all of this comes two months after they aided the federal deportation efforts. many are expected to hit the road or the air traveling this holiday season so 11 million people all over plan on traveling somewhere. according to the survey most are expected to drive even though fewer folks will be flying overall, they will have a lot of traffic going through.
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there are 13 4,000 people expected to arrive and depart. we want to get the sound, you are talking about a crash in sap matthew thieu county. we have one coming in eastbound over to brisbane. it is that wind did i road coming up from the cal palace and this is a car that went down 200 feet down the embankment and they had to bring somebody up. now the person they removed from the car, conscious and breathing, daily city fire department is on the scene but all of east bay is blocked so the best way is to stay on 280 and if you want to get to the brisbane area use 280 south, don't use 381, it is kind of an
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insider's route. this is a look at 880 north and southbound, that traffic is moving well in both directions. getting to highway 17, that traffic in the south bay is off to a nice start. >> all right, gets get to the grim rainfall totals, so far this is the second dryest december in 160 years of data. there has been two times where not a drop of rain fell in san francisco and that occurred twice, 1876 and 1999. we get over a half inch of rain and december had 12 and it is just a blocking pattern for a dry year and when that sets up
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it is tough to break down. giving us three months to go but the trend is not a good friend because we need rain and snow and it is not happening. southern california is doing better. 30s on some of these temperatures 33 livermore concord 34. there is pretty good wind and that's all i can find. a little bit of an easterly breeze, that also means a mild pattern and you can see clouds going northeast to southwest and high pressure is here so only some patchy fog in the valley. it had be breezy at times but that wind should degrees a lot of upper mid-50s to lower mid-
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60s. winds pick up again on friday and warm and sunny on saturday. prospects of the german economy, they followed the lead of the asian benchmarks. they were up nearly 1% with japan anti-want up a half of a percent each. as for the u.s. stock markets, it is the same as far as germany getting a little relief. s&p 500 down 14 and right now futures are rising for all three with the market set to open a little over an hour from now. you will want to keep an eye on the at&t stock and that's after the second largest carrier decided to give up.
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it had been opposed ahead of the fcc and they said it would create higher consumer prices. at&t will still have to pay t- mobile's parent company this quarter. they will take place during this new year's day at the rose parade, how away area child will be remembered. we will tell you what the next step is on the bay bridge construction, stay tuned.
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. blizzard like conditions are expected across the southwest and plain states as a winter storm moves across the region. heavy snow fell in garden city kansas. winter like conditions are also hitting new mexico. forecasters say 18-inch the of snow could fall by the time the storm moves through. edison is apologizing to customers after a storm left thousands of people in the dark for almost a week. 34,000 people were left in the dark after winds were close to 100 miles per hour. now the company is promising to do a better job in the future.
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the state's public utility's commission is promising a better response. crews will be out there inn stalling giant new cables on the new span. it will make up the main cable of the south end suspension span. each end will be pulled up in a way that has never been done before. >> as we pull the rope it gets heavier and heavier and becomes more of a challenge. >> now each of the strands is made up of 113 table wires. this strand will take three taser to pull across. after that cal strand says the work should go fairly quickly. a child from petaluma is
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being honored for being the ultimate gift. when he was 11 years old, tray atkins was killed when a tree fell on him at friend's birthday party. he decided to donate his organs which will now save the lives of three people. they will be featured in afloat of this year's tournament roses parade. hollywood actor ended up in the hospital, went what wrong during the movie shoot. thieves tar getted the area, we will tell you who they are looking for. and bryan stow appears in his first television interview since that brutal attack on his life. 237 looks good across the valley, we will tell you more about traffic and weather
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straight ahead.
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. well, good morning to you, it is december 20th, i am dave clark. >> all right, it is quiet out there, we are good to go, sunny mild, we could use some rain but nothing in sight and a few mid-60s, here is sal. good morning, traffic is
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moving along well and if you are driving you will see some road work on the bay bridge but it is on the lower deck of the bay bridge. also traffic looks good if you are driving in the south bay, northbound 101 looks good approaching the split. let's go back to dave and maureen. they are searching for a masked man who robbed a convenience store. they are calling this a >> repo happened in broad daylight. three men stormed into this jewelry store to rob some jewels. you can see all the jewelry is gone and that's standard procedure when any store closes but you can imagine the nerves that will be felt in the store. they are trying to get a description of the three
5:32 am
suspects who were last seen running around the store on rodriguez avenue. the sheriff's office is handling the case and they were wearing black ski masks. he works alongside his two children and the store is supposed to open at 10:00 this morning and hopefully we can talk to the julyers and find out some more information. sheriff's offices say they are closed for minor repairs and there is not a lot of information being given by them. we will be following up with them. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. injured giants fan bryan stow appeared in his first
5:33 am
television interview and it shows bryan stow in a rehabilitation san jose center. doctors say he suffered damage to the frontal lobe of his brain which controls decision making and even his personality. for the first time bryan stow's friends talk about the attack. they say brian was sucker punched and repeatedly kicked. >> i got to him around the same time jumped on top of him covered him up, pleading just for these guys to stop. >> now the suspects, louie sanchez and norwood are charged in the case. both have pled not guilty and in the meantime, his family said his condition is day-to- day. his speech may get better but doctors are expecting some type of disability. we are learning about an
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accident involving a hollywood actor. crews rescued an actor after waves held him under water. media reports say it is gerard butler. it is believed he was filling scenes for an upcoming movie. he was not injured but will be looked at for observation. the megamillions jackpot is now $152 million this morning. kraig debro is in high ward and a lot of people will be buying lottery tickets. well in this case megamillions, people start buying them here and this is one of the places that is known for their lottery tickets. >> reporter: the super lottery
5:35 am
is on wednesday tomorrow and this is the holiday season and there is a christmas tree here and it is also the first day of hanukkah which i neglected to mention. look at the homemade sign here kelly yam, she is one of the owners here. $152million, good luck it says. you can see some of the tickets right there, they have all the lottery games, the scratch off tickets and the signs of people who won a lot of money here. if you elected to take the lump sum, it would be $113.6 million and the jackpot is $52 million. you can start buying tickets today and the last one is today. we will be here at 6:00 to see people buying tickets and
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report that back to you. we will hear reaction from people about what they would do with the money if they got it. as for me, you would not see me here tomorrow. many are stepping up to raise money for the fallen vallejo police officer officer jim capoot ; they will donate to the family trust. it takes place until 11:00 tonight. last night they held a dinner and raffle in walnut creek. and people came by just to drop off donations each though they copt stay to eat. >> everybody has been so generous and dropped off donations. as far as a dollar amount, i think we can give this family something that is very special. >> a family in venetia donated
5:37 am
seats and six flags donated a portion to the officer jim capoot funds. president barack obama's approval ratings are getting better. they find americans still disapprove of president barack obama's handling of the economy and jobs however views of his overall performance have recovered. they now approve, and only 47% disapprove. and a shakeup among presidential contenders. coming up, who the new front- runner is coming up on january 3rd. reaction is mixed about the death of kim jong il. about 100,000 koreans called the bay area home. kim jong un's father was from the -- kim jong il's father was from the north but escaped
5:38 am
during the war. he says he blames kim jong il for keeping families apart. >> he took everything away from me, property land, the rice, food and everything. so that is why he escaped. he left-most lane of his family back in north korea. >> but a spokesperson for kim jong il said kim jong il has been unfairly misrepresented and they have led relatively normal lives. you were telling us about a crash a little while ago? >> that is right. >> i think we were doing to show you that in just a little while. i am a little concerned because yesterday was so light.
5:39 am
you get used to good things fast. you don't want it to be really slow but this is a look at 80 westbound heading out to the mcarthur maze. again we had that problem and it went down 200 feet. if you have gone there, you know how steep it could be. i would recommend staying on 101 to brisbane and try not to use the canyon for the time- being, here is steve. another hoe hum day, once we get passed these lows, we will end up with 50s and a few mid-60s. it says i like it over the east coast and as long as it stays this way, our pattern does not
5:40 am
change. it is ugly in northern california and they have not had any precipitation at all. we are talking long stretches folks. still a little easterly breeze higher in the hills so far and so far gusts up to if you are living localized. and this is a wet december as another low drops in gives them more rain and wind and we just get the wind and mind temperatures. sunny breezy, mainly localized, upper 50s and 60s, it's all depending on the breeze and it
5:41 am
is an easterly breeze. not much change, may be coming up to on friday, and it will be a little cooler saturday and sunday, maureen and dave. catching a suspected thief on campus, he is now himself the subject of an investigation. videos on you tube, you probably sang along with some of them but others may surprise you. it looks pretty good here. heading out to the south bay, we will tell you about your commute in all locations. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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. good morning skies are clear a few mid-60s. welcome back, good morning to you. here is a quick look at some of the top stories at 5:43 they are still trying to figure out what knocked out the power twice during the steamers game. a strands former blew up during the game and then there was another power outage in the second quarter. a search is on for three men who police say robbed a cupertino jewelry store. they had guns and wearing black ski masks. if you have any information contact police. they will vote and reject the u.s. senate bill which calls for a payroll tax cut.
5:45 am
time now 4:44 a coach is being investigated after police say he confessed to stealing two ipad from students, he turned himself in and after, the ipad were found at his apartment. the case has been turned over to the sheriff's office. police in sacramento counties are searching for two thieves who tried to steal an atm machine. it happened at a wall greens in rancho cordova. they drove a truck smashing through the windows, they hooked it on to their truck and sped off. the face of the atm popped off but the money stayed in place. >> not too intelligent but desperate. it is sad. >> the robbers are connected to a similar botched robbery at a
5:46 am
target store. and start being on san francisco's pier 27, they are approving the waterfront for america's cup races now next summer. the hearing is not scheduled but still officials could happen next month. it shows rand paul is among the likely candidates. 20% favor mitt romney and newt gingrich has 14%. then it is 10% each for rick santorum, 4% for jon huntsman. the iowa caucus will be held january 3rd. newt gingrich in recent weeks his poll numbers have dropped after some of his rivals began running attack ads
5:47 am
against him. he believes a run for the white house should be about who has the best ideas for the country, not negative attack ads. >> i really wish they would have the courage to be positive. we didn't see who could be the nasty error who could run the more clever destructiontive ad. >> in recent weeks his support has fallen. former governor sarah palin says it is not too late to ender the gop race. >> it is not too late to enter and who knows what will happen in the future. >> she made the comments during a fox news interview. but would not sec say if she was -- would not say if she was considering a run.
5:48 am
a popular catch think song about most people's favorite day of the week is this year's most watched video on you tube. >> you ought to see maureen bouncing her head now. rebecca black's song received almost 80 million you tube views. you tube says the upcoming election has more people watching political videos. more than 18 million hits shows wall advocating for gay marriages at a hearing in iowa and describing life with two mothers. rick perry's campaign ad criticizing gays in the community also made the list. president barack obama's dinner speech and his announcement
5:49 am
about osama bin laden was in the top 4. how is it looking in contra costa county? >> we are looking at highway 4 and starting there because it is getting more crowded especially in antioch especially as you get on to the willow pass grade. it looks good coming up to the city not a big delay. if you are driving in requested a lube pay -- guadalupe canyon, everything looks good. let's go to steve. >> those of you who write and say when are we getting some snow, it looks pretty grim. some of the stats, so far 12 / 100th making it is second dryest for downtown sap franment twice not a drop of
5:50 am
rain fell and occurred in 1886 and 1999. usually our december is wettest month on average. we still have a few months. maybe near the end of the month but it looks weak to me. what we have is wind and/or fog and right now what we are dealing with, it is clear 0s for some. nevada checks in with 34 and santa rosa 30s. hayward 37, there is a little component of an easterly or northeasterly breeze and northeast wind kicked up. gusts up to 64 miles per hour and around there we may have good gusts. everything stays to the north
5:51 am
in southern california above average. patchy fog in the valley not much there, mild afternoon 50s and 60s and we will stick with a lot of sunshine upper 50s and lower 60s, else tended -- extended outlook and on the weekend all systemels go warm weather especially on saturday. >> thank you steve, it's now ten minutes before 6:00, good news from the housing industry. a few minutes ago, housing starts jumped 9. 3% last month which puts them at an annual rate, the highest since april of last year. multi- family homes such as condominiums an opportunity homes were up -- town homes were up 32%. 2011 is still shaping up to be one of the worst in history.
5:52 am
and they are siding with apple and ordering a ban on the u h tc. they will have some time to resolve issues. apple is suing for patent infringement. they use data detection agency protected under an apple patent. and it will be easier to get your toy shopping done. when toy stores open, they will be staying open until 10:00 p.m. until christmas eve. it is the second year toys-r-us has offered extended hours. the new lawsuit over the death of a young hollywood actress, the claim made about whitney murphy's house and possible dangers inside. plus the mystery gifts from santa and the bay area smiles
5:53 am
they are creating.
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5:56 am
. tmz reports she filed a lawsuit. she tricked her into her rights to sue the builder for wrongful death. in just about an hour from now, a christmas surprise will be delivered. it is not the only one. today those trees will be going to needy families who can't afford to buy christmas trees. >> if you had a choice between food and a tree, you will choose food every time. >> families will be getting these trees when they arrive at the salvation toy and joy event. they will also get a box of food for christmas dinner and they will be organizing a giveaway that will soon arrive
5:57 am
at the college. it is the first night of hanukkah and many will be gathering at the square. it will begin with a skating party and the first candle on the men for a will begin at 5:00 p.m.. -- menorah will begin at 5:00 p.m. time now to get you out the door, sal is watching everything, sal? right now traffic is doing well around the bay area and they are still in their morning commute so you will see a lot of people out there. northbound 280 getting up into the west valley and on the sunole grade, in san ramon moan, 6 -- san ramon, moving along well, let's go back to
5:58 am
the desk. candle stick park had two power outages. new predictions about holiday travel here in the bay area and all over the state. good morning skies are clear but there is some wind, we will talk about that. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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